Reconciliation - by appointment only during this time of COVID-19.


Updated July 12, 2020


Mercy Chapel is closed until further notice


A letter from Minnesota Catholic bishops' regarding resumption of public Mass


Mass July 12, 2020


Message from Fr. Don
July 8, 2020


Dear Parishioners,


I want to thank all the parishioners who have offered spiritual and financial support to our parishes during these difficult times. It has allowed us to retain staff and pay our bills on time and also address some emergencies that do pop up now and then.


I am working with the funeral homes and families of deceased loved ones in scheduling funerals, memorial Masses and grave side services. We are following the protocol of Sunday Worship and we are not holding visitation hours or funeral luncheons. This coming week we have scheduled three funerals and so I appreciate families for understanding that they may not get the date or time they wished for because we have a backlog of funerals and burials that we need to address. The schedules of the family, funeral home and parishes are challenging and sometimes even minor changes to a schedule may not be permitted. The important thing is that we do our best to remember and honor our deceased loved ones and commend their souls to God.


My vacation with brother priests to fish in Canada has been cancelled. Instead I plan to go to my sister and brother in-law’s cabin near Longville and do some fishing the week of July 20-24th. My older brother is hoping to join us for a couple of days as well if he is able to get time away from work.


I will keep you updated if any new directives come from the Diocese regarding parish life and worship. Keep up the prayers and do not forget to check in with your family and neighbors. Prayers for rain and favorable weather for our crops and gardens are needed as well.


Fr. Don Wagner






Please prayerfully consider continuing to support our parish during this time.  You can mail your donations in or use you banking bill pay option.  If you have questions or need help, please call the office.
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We the people of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s in union with the diocese of Saint Cloud and the universal Catholic Church, profess and live out our faith in Jesus Christ. Our mission is to create community, preach the Word in good times and in bad, celebrate sacramental life and to welcome and serve the needs of all people.


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