Reconciliation - Saturday, 4pm and by request.



Sat. June 24, Cleaning 9am
Sun June 25, please join us after 9:30am Mass and wish Fr. Gabriel all the best in his new assignment. Coffee, cake and ice cream will be served. Everyone is welcome!


Mon. June 26, Adoration, 8:30am-10pm


Tue. June 27, HAPP, 9am


Wed. June 28, Quilting plus, 9-noon
Men's cards 1-4pm
Mon, July 3, NO Adoration, 8:30am-10pm


Wed, July 5, NO Quilting plus


Monday, July 10, Adoration 8:30an-10pm


Tue. July 11, HAPP, 9am


We. July 12, Quilting plus, 9am-noon
Thu. July 13, Zellies Daughters 7-9pm


Mon. July 17, Adoration, 8:30am -10pm
Tue July 18 HAPP 9-11am


Wed. July 19, Quilting plus, 9-noon


Thu. July 20, Baptism Class in Cambridge, 6:30pm
Sat. July 22, Cleaning 9-11am


Mon. July 24, Adoration, 8:30am - 10pm
Tue, July 25, HAPP 9-11am


Wed. July 26, Quilting plus, 9am - noon


Thu. July 27, KC meeting, 7pm


Sun-Thu July 20-Aug 3 VBS 5:45-8:15

207 Whiskey Road NW
Isanti, MN 55040
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Phone: 763-444-4035
Fax: 763-444-6019



Office Hours:

8:00am - Noon


Religious Education Coordinator

Michelle Fedewa





Music Coordinator

Nancy Kastel-Avre




230 Fern Street

Cambridge, MN 55008


Mass Times:

Sat ~ 5:00pm
Sun ~ 9:30am
Mon Tue Thu~ 8:00am

Wed 8:30am
Holy Days ~See the bulletin



Saturday 4:00 to 4:30pm or anytime by appointment


Eucharistic Adoration:

Monday 8:30am to 10pm



Mon Tue Thu~ 8:35am

Wed 8:00am
Saturday - Sunday~
1/2 hr prior to Mass






We the people of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s in union with the diocese of Saint Cloud and the universal Catholic Church, profess and live out our faith in Jesus Christ. Our mission is to create community, preach the Word in good times and in bad, celebrate sacramental life and to welcome and serve the needs of all people.


Our mission is lived out in cooperation with God’s grace in the following areas:

To continue with the support of the Liturgy Committee to offer spirit-filled liturgies in the spirit of Vatican II’s Constitution on the Liturgy.
To provide meaningful educational experiences to the total membership of the parish.
To explore new ways in building up family life and values. To stress family life as the micro-church.
To concentrate on reaching out to the needs of all people coming into our parish family - these needs being physical, emotional and spiritual.
To develop new forms of ministry to meet the needs of our emerging parish.
To be proactive in preparing our people to be open and welcoming to the diverse cultures, races and ethnic groups that will be part of our emerging parish.
To reach out and encourage our young people who may show an interest in the priesthood or religious life.